Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 Entering the MTC on May 2011

Wow so He Did It!!!!! such a proud mom!!! i hope that everyone enjoy Elder Houston's journey!!! he had many sweet and sour moments but what a wonderful young man he has grown into. what a powerful testimony he has gained and he will always be a great missionary thru out his life. thanks to all of you who has supported him thru this wonderful Tulsa Oklahoma Mission!! as he says
"The best mission EVER!!

May 22, 2013

wow.... so what to say well.. i did it ... haha what a trip! i have loved every minute of it..... the sweet and sour of it. i just hope and pray that i was able to do all that the Lord needed me to do. i tend to get in the way at times and i was by far a perfect missionary. but i pray i did my best that i knew how. ha if i had the chance to do it all again i would. a little break to see my family and then back to work i would go ha.... but wow what a trip.
       i never thought in all my life i could feel so much love for so many people. i never have known such happiness nor sadness. i have never been so excited or tired ha. so stressed! or so at peace with things. not any combinations of words can describe the feeling i have for my mission. so i will not try haha.
  but i will say how greatful i am for it and all that it has taught me to find my own personal testimony and witness! i have seen too much to deny the authenticity of the book of mormon, or the reality of the first vision and the restoration of the true living gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. i have in peace and surety entered in to the rest of the Lord, me knowing the truths of the gospel that can never be taken from me. and now the importance of these things has been shown to me and i know now the importance of making it possible for ALL, every one, to hear the message of the gospel. the elect hear His voice and harden not there hearts. in D&C we learn we are angels. all those who will and have ever lived here. and as it says in alma 13:24... im going to try all i can to be one of those angels declaring unto many and preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word. i pray i can be the example i need to be in all times and places.
     even though i cant be a full time missionary out here, i can be one in other ways. and i will need everyones help to keep me accountable to this, that i will live a life that is closest to the Saviors as i can. so others hearts might be softened to hear the gospel and have that rest that comes with it, that happiness :).
    i love the gospel soooo much. i love my Father in Heaven, who loves me with a perfect love that i will never know in this life. and im so eternally grateful for the love that i have gained for my Savior. i know i would have never known without my mission. im soo grateful for all those of my brothers and sister that made it possible for me to be where i am now. a love i have never known for life and everyone:)!!!
    charity is a pure love. the love of Christ who gave everything.
love ya family!!!!
see you soon !!!
love elder houston

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